Asperger’s, Wokingham Borough Council and Me


Dear Reader,

I want to tell you about something that’s happened with me over the last few months

Wokingham Borough Council are launching an investigation into the fact that I’m not at the Flat I rented.

I was living in an environment that was harmful, even detrimental to my health. I struggle to care for myself due to lots of disabilities. I struggled.


My care coordinator decided that I needed supported living to help me. But Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) told us that they did not provide any.
There were no further options and in my stony place I decided to rent a Flat, because I needed an answer and I needed some respite.

I started to move, but added to my distress came overwhelming suicidal thoughts. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s, when this move triggered attempted suicide. Since then I have not been able to move to the Flat, because of the risk involved. £4,200 is down the drain…

On 28th July, I was told Wokingham Borough Council are launching an “investigation” into me because I’m not living at my Flat, I am living at home. I’ve been told by my Mental Health Team that:

“Wokingham Borough Council have been keeping an eye on my Facebook posts as part of their investigation.”

I am a disabled person and I am trying to survive. Wokingham Borough Council have not helped me out. Espionage is crude. I feel like a bug, squashed down but I am important.


Thankyou for reading and solidarity to disabled people,





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