This is an important message from an Aspie sufferer to BPD sufferers

“This is an important message. From an Aspie sufferer.”

BPD autism

I that think over time, various people as part of Mind Our Minds have realised that

1. Many people with BPD feel misunderstood
2. Some people have gone from a diagnosis of BPD to that of female Asperger’s.


It’s not the case in every experience, but sometimes when a person w/ supposed BPD goes on a long time not finding treatment helpful, or where they have real ongoing turmoils & troubles, it can turn out that they are struggling with Autism/Asperger’s.

If you are a female (or indeed male) with BPD and you are really struggling or feel that BPD does not quite fit, I would urge you to gauge your rough likelihood of having Autism or not as honestly as you can here

If there is (I would say unlikely) a roughly above average chance Asperger’s/Autism may be the diagnosis that fits you, I would make an appointment with your GP or Care Coordinator to discuss it, (taking a list of the key things from the link test that ring most true with you).

I wanted people to be aware of this, because I think it’s too important.



N.B.  I have chosen this test because as someone who has an ASD, it raises the most key essential traits of it. No idea why it’s on Embarrassing Bodies – that’s an issue to take up with Channel 4 – but despite that it is a good guide!!




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