The Fashionable Illness

Today’s article    Today this article was released in the Guardian. It highlighted that treatment for Eating Disorders under the NHS was sub-par. The government has invented a new target

“to have 95% of patients seen within four weeks, or one week for urgent cases, by 2020.”


Survey   This I consider to be unfounded and narrow-sighted. While we want Eating Disorders treatment to improve, we actually saw in our The Avengerz Fight Back survey, that patient-reported quality measurements were actually better for Eating Disorders services. Measurements included whether the service had improved, worsened or had no impact on a patient’s mental health, whether their service considered their risk and wait time for therapy.

Wait time for therapy    Above you can see the percentage of patients under each service currently receiving therapy or on a waiting list under 3 months. It is easy for child, woman or man to see that other services such as CMHT, (Community Mental Health Team) are in fact lagging behind Eating Disorders services’ Record. This is the highest percentage out of all services, in terms of people accessing therapy.

Conclusion     So the question is – why are we not reading articles on the poor state of the CMHT, or other services that are worse off? Why are there no targets? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.




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